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One huge RV product segment in Alberta appeals to RVers that like to bring along ATVs, motorcycles or snowmobiles when they are camping. These RVs are called "Toy Haulers" and are available in both as a Travel Trailer or 5th Whel RV Type. Toy Haulers are combination of Rv living space and garage storage are for your Toys. They are often equipped with mobile fuel station, generator and oversized fresh water tanks.

Chances are, you’ve seen a LOT of Toy Haulers in and around Alberta in your travels. Toy Haulers are one of the most popular types of RVs sold in Alberta because of the Rigorous Outdoor ActivitiesAlbertans love to participate in. Toy Hauler RVs are a flexible RV product that allows you to bring along ATVs, Inflatable Boats, Dirt Bikes or Street Motorcyles where ever the Road leads you!

 On this page, I will discuss the various types of Toy Haulers available for Sale. Hopefully you can find one that is most suitable for you.

Types of Toy Haulers for Sale

RV Toy Haulers come in two basic styles - Travel Trailer Toy Haulers & 5th Wheel Toy Haulers - and several variations within those styles. Depending on Your Tow Vehicle, lifestyle, required sleeping accomodations and budget, You are likely to find an Ideal Toy Hauler New or Used for Sale in Alberta.

Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler 


Perfect for Outdoor Alberta Lifestyles!
One of the more popular RV Types for Albertans has been a "Toy Hauler" RV. The versatility of these RVs that allow you to bring along ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Snow Machines any time You want to hit the open trail! many Toy Haulers come with onboard fueling stations as well as generators so you can get right off the grid if you like!
Available as both 5th Wheels and Travel Trailers, these RVs are often very well appointed with features most RVers find desirable.

Higher End Toy Haulers like the XLR brand by Forest River RV, Cyclone & Road Warrior by Heartland RV as well as the Fuzion & Raptor by Keystone RV are among the Very Best when it comes to Quality Construction & Reliability.


Great Residential Interiors

You’ll love the High End look & feel in these Toy Hauler Campers! Residential style amenities throughout, with large bathrooms, better than average construction and a variety of floor plans to suit any requirements you may have. New Graphics & Exterior Paint options available too!

Good Looking 2014 Cyclone!

Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers Are So Versatile!  Grab Those Toys and Get Hauling To Wherever You Wish To Camp!
Amazing Interior Finishings Can Be Found In Your Toy Hauler!  Spacious For The Whole Family!  It Even Accomodate A Few Guests Who Wish To Camp As Well!

Designed to Feature the Comforts of Home in a Durable, Off-Road RV! Gorgeous Corian Counter Tops & Stylish Cabinetry set these Toy Haulers apart!

RV and Trailer 5th Wheel Toy Haulers: 
In Alberta the most popular style of Toy Haulers for Sale is Fifth Wheel designs. Fifth Wheel RV designs inherently offer more exterior storage & floor space than traditional Travel Trailer designs do. By using a heavier goose neck style chassis frame Toy Hauler manufacturers have a lot of floor plan options available to them when building a 5th Wheel Toy Hauler. The available space is often used to accommodate built-in generators, provide large Pass-Thru storage compartments, as well as making room for electric rear beds in the garage area – all while providing open floor plans with all the comforts of home! Toy Haulers designed on a 5th wheel platform most often feature an enclosed garage area, electric rear beds & a loft bunk. The lengths of these RVs range from 36-43 feet & often incorporate a variety of slide out rooms to create additional living space. Nearly all 5th Wheel Toy Hauler buyers want an enclosed garage area, with floor space measuring 10-14’. You will find that most 5th wheel Toy Haulers require a ¾ ton or 1 ton truck to tow them.  

A Rear Party Deck with Awning has become popular on Toy Haulers


Convert That Toy Hauler At Your Final Destination With An Extended Patio Area, Some Out The Back and Some Out the Side As Well! Camp On Your Toy Hauler Patio and Use Those Toys!
Sometimes Lightweight Travel Trailer Toy Haulers Can Be A Challenge To Find.  We Can Help You With Finding The Toy Hauler For Your Vehicle\'s Towing Capacity and Get You Camping!

Lightweight Travel Trailer Toy Hauler towed by an SUV

Extend Your Living Space with this Awesome Feature found on the Higher End Units! A Rear Patio sets up in minutes & features an  Awning to keep the weather off while You Relax with Your Friends! 
Use it for BBQ Set Up, Suntanning or Watching the Races!

Financing Your Toy Hauler: 
One Stop Shopping! Now that I've helped you find Your Ideal Toy Hauler, Let me help make Financing your Toy Hauler is easy a process as possible! 
With several lenders competing for your business, You can rest assured that my Business Manager & I will find you the best Interest Rates & Terms Possible!



Travel Trailer Toy Haulers

Travel Trailer Toy Haulers are extremely popular amongst ½ & ¾ Ton Truck owners due to the lighter dry weights & shorter towing lengths of the travel trailer design when compared to 5th Wheel Toy Haulers. Many of these smaller Toy Hauler RVs have the garage area open to the living room, which is not necessarily what every RVer wants.

Like the 5th Wheels Toy Haulers, the Travel Trailer Toy Hauler designs often include optional electric beds in the garage area, fuel stations & generators. There are a variety of Toy Hauler trailers available in Alberta ranging in length from 19 – 34’. You’ll find that most Travel Trailer Toy Haulers are half & ¾ ton trucks towable.

Toy Haulers If your outdoor lifestyle involves using dirt bikes, ATV, side by side quads, snowmobiles, canoes, or your Harley Davidson motorcycle, consider purchasing a toy hauler. These RV products combine a garage area for your toys but also feature all amenities of a common traveling trailer or 5th wheel. With a variety of sizes, lengths and floor plan layouts, there is certainly a toy hauler that will suit your lifestyle and budget.

One nice thing about  toy haulers is the additional freedom you enjoy buy owing a, Toy Hauler. Toy Hauler Trailers allow you to enjoy atv activities & provide you the flexibility to bring motorcycles or even small boats when you camp in Canada. When you look at toy haulers for sale, consider your lifestyle or the type of RV use you will be able to experience by owing a toy hauler. Private sellers sometimes will have a  Toy Hauler for sale and when you're looking at a used toy hauler, consider how much new ones sell for. A new Toy Hauler RV might be less money than a used Toy Hauler Trailer might be in the long run.

Toy Haulers Are Great For Getting Those Toys Out There In the Alberta Outdoors!  Come and See Us At No Bull RV Sales To Help You With Finding The Right Toy Hauler For You and Put Some Financing Together!  We Will Get You Camping!


5th Wheel Toy Haulers: Currently in Alberta these are the most popular style of Toy Haulers for sale – and for good reason! 
Fifth wheel RV designs inherently offer more storage and floor space than traditional travel trailer and motorhome designs do. Therefore RV manufacturers have a larger “canvas” - so to speak - to create their floor plans with. 
They tend to use the available storage to locate generators, fuel stations, central vacuum systems and even secondary RV fridges! Toy Haulers designed on a 5th wheel platform most often feature an enclosed garage area, electric rear beds & a loft bunk. Lengths of these RVs range from 
30-42 feet & often incorporate a variety of slide out rooms to create additional living space. Most 5th wheel Toy Haulers are NOT ½ ton towable. 
5th Wheel Toy Hauler sales are available at many Edmonton RV dealers

Exciting Travel Trailer Style Toy Haulers, some with Front Decks, others with Garages!


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