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RV and Trailer: Travel Trailers – These RVs are known by a number of different names such as Towable Trailers, Trailer RVs, Holiday Trailers, Hitch Trailers or Trailer Campers and are the most popular RV type found for sale in Alberta. 
There's a wide variety of Travel Trailer styles available and due to the relative lower price of these RVs when compared to 5th Wheels or Motor Homes they are accessible to a broad spectrum of folks buying an RV. 
RV and Trailer: Travel Trailer Sizes & Weights:

Travel Trailers Under 4000 lbs (13 - 22 Feet)


We have Expandable Travel Trailers Too!  A great way to have a bumper pull camper that has more room than most!

Example of 2010 Rockwood Roo with Front & Rear Tent Ends

 You'll find a terrific selection of Used RV Travel Trailers at No Bull RV Sales in Spruce Grove. Whether you tow with a smaller SUV, Minivan or 1/2 ton truck, No Bull RV likely stocks travel trailers for sale that will suit you perfectly! RV and Trailer sales are brisk at No Bull RV Sales as there is always a line up of people looking for RV deals in Alberta. If You’re Looking for used RV Travel Trailers, you had better grab one quickly – Good Clean Used RV Trailers don't last very long!  

Alberta RV Dealers will all have a variety of travel trailers to select from - but which travel trailer is right for you?

A few RV Buying Tips to Help You Find Your Perfect RV!

Smaller Travel Trailers are Highly popular with folks who use smaller SUVs or Minivans for towing. These RVs are great for weekend getaways but due to their smaller size are often difficult to accommodate larger groups of people. An RV trailer measuring 18-22 feet comes with a full bathroom, including a shower and a fully-equipped galley kitchen. The dining area and living room sizes are dependent on the overall size of the trailer.
Popular Travel Trailers with Tent Ends are called "Hybrid Trailers" or "Expandables" & often have space enough to sleep as many as 8 people!

Travel Trailers Over 4000 lbs (25 - 37 Feet)


#1 Consider the towing capacity of your vehicle. If your plan is to tow your travel trailer throughout Western Canada, You’ll need to make sure the travel trailer you begin shopping for is approximately 1500 lbs lighter dry than what your vehicle is rated to tow. For example, if you have a 2008 Dodge ½ ton with a 5.7l Hemi engine, you can likely tow 8500 lbs, which means you should be looking at travel trailers that have a maximum dry (empty) weight of 7000 lbs.

Example of 2010 Forest River Salem Travel Trailer

Larger Travel Trailers are suitable for extended use by a couple, or a larger family, depending on the floor-plan. In this larger Travel Trailer segment, there are more floor plans available to choose from. Some RV Trailers designed for more than two people have a bunkhouse-style bedroom in the rear. While Travel Trailers created for two people often have larger living accommodations. Top-of-the-line units have space and facilities similar to large motor homes. As well, slide-outs are becoming more popular to increase the amount of living area. Although sliders can increase living space they do add to the overall weight of the Travel Trailer.

#2 If you find a travel trailer that is 7000 lbs dry, then consider the added weight of your camping gear & food. In the RV industry, the average person contributes to the dry weight of a travel trailer between 200 and 250 lbs. In other words, a family of 4 will add to the dry weight of a travel trailer approximately 1000 lbs consisting of food, water, propane, camping gear, bedding, clothing and so on. Using the first example then, a 7000 lb travel trailer will then become an 8000 lb travel trailer when fully loaded with your stuff.

#3 Once you have determined the towing capacity of your vehicle – and you can just google something along the lines of “tow capacity for 2008 Dodge 1500” to find out what the capacity is – the next thing to consider is how many people will be using the travel trailer at any given time. Let me explain. If you are a family of four, it is likely that what you need in a travel trailer is something that has bunk beds to accommodate the sleeping requirements of the kids and, perhaps, the occasional friend or cousin that may come along. In other words, what you are looking for is a “bunk model” travel trailer. Most RV dealers stock travel trailers with bunks, so it ought not to be too difficult to find a few to look at.

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RV Trailer Tow Vehicle
Larger models in the over 4000 lb range need serious consideration in regard to the tow vehicle. There are many vehicles that can tow this size; However, the total weight & hitch weight of the trailer should be taken into account.

The majority of units will need a truck-based SUV or pick-up truck for towing. The larger trailers are perfect for couples on a budget who are looking forward to spending extended amounts of time in their RV trailer.

When it comes to cost, even if you take into account a new tow vehicle for the RV trailer, the price range for an expensive holiday trailer is much cheaper than a high-priced motor home.
Any size of an RV trailer has one significant advantage over a motor home, and that is once its set up for living in, the tow vehicle is available for local transportation. While the disadvantage is that the facilities of the trailer can only be used when it is stopped, while a motor homes can be used while its moving.

#4 The next thing to consider is your budget for a travel trailer. Like many higher ticket items, travel trailers can be financed and most RV dealers offer RV financing packages that you can take advantage of. Many folks looking for a used RV will take advantage of our “RV Financing Pre-Approval” Program, which allows them to shop with confidence, knowing what amount they Approved at.


 So now that you have an idea of the towing capacity of your vehicle, the dry weight of the travel trailer you should be looking for and what your budget range you can afford what’s next?

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Travel Trailers for sale in sizes and floor plans that appeal to the broadest spectrum of Alberta RV buyers.

The most popular towable trailers feature bunk beds for your kids, slide out rooms for extra living space, queen beds for Mom & Dad + more! Other trailers campers are light enough to tow with a minivan – these RVs are often referred to as pop up trailers, hybrid trailers, tent trailers or ultra light trailers.

RV and Trailer: Toy Hauler Travel Trailers! 

RV and Trailer: Toy Hauler - One huge RV product segment in Alberta appeals to RVers that like to bring along ATVs, motorcycles or snowmobiles when they are camping. These RVs are called "Toy Haulers" and are available in both as a Travel Trailer or 5th Wheel RV Type. Toy Haulers are combination of RV living space and garage storage are for your Toys. They are often equipped with mobile fuel station, generator and oversized fresh water tanks.

Travel Trailer Toy Hauler towed by an SUV



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#5 How to Select a Travel Trailer Floor Plan: Sorting out which travel trailer RV is ideal for you can be simplified if you stay focused on your most important requirement, which is a reliable, well laid out and well equipped travel trailer that will serve your family well for many years. It is important for you to understand that almost every travel trailer built has many of the exact same components, such as fridges, microwaves, furnaces, water heater, air conditioning, DVD player, rubber roof and so on. There are only a handful of RV suppliers that make components like these for the RV builders, so understand that when you are looking at Travel Trailers, look beyond the components AT FIRST. In essence, when you are shopping for a travel trailer, what you are REALLY looking for is a smaller version of Your Home. Think of buying a travel trailer this way and you will avoid many of the mistakes people make when they buy an RV.

#6 Travel Trailer floor plans can vary somewhat and RV manufacturers sometimes offer different versions of the same travel trailer with a few changes that may or may not make it more appealing to the RV buyer. Using our Prior Example, a bunk bed travel trailer floor plan can have simply two small bunk stacked beds, “Jack ‘n Jill” bunk beds, quad bunk beds or even a separate bunk bed room with a slide out that can double as a theater room, so you can see that there are still a few choices of a travel trailer left for you to make.  As you begin to narrow down your choices of travel trailers, look a little deeper now at the amenities offered in the travel trailer.


#7 Go to an RV show or visit RV dealers in your area to get an idea of what you are looking for. Nothing compares to looking at a travel trailer in person. Although a Travel Trailer brochure can be helpful, all it can really show you are lengths, weights, a floor plan sketch and a few (enhanced) photos of the interiors. Seeing a travel trailer in person is when you get to touch and feel the quality of the wood, the upholstery, as well as the look and color of the product beyond what a brochure can show you. Take your time when researching a travel trailer, and then be ready to act when you have found the right one.

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