20' Fish 'n Ski w/ 150 hp, Live Wells, Rear Bench - $250 b/w
2018 Legend Boats X20
2018 Legend Boats X20

Store Location: SPRUCE GROVE
Year: 2018
Make : Legend
Model: X20
Horse Power: 150 hp
Price: $56,997
Stock #: AS-45311



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NOTE: This unit is located in our Spruce Grove Location.

2018 Legend X20

$250 b/w (oac) Financing pre-approvals at 1-855-685-8900

You’ll Find Your Perfect Boat here… and that’s No Bull

What’s up Moby Dick?

It’s me, your white whale. That trophy hog you’ve been chasing a few seasons now. I’ve been spitting your hooks for ages. (Nice catch and release program you’ve got there.)

Remember losing your Dipsy Diver? That was me. That screamer who smoked your reel? That was me too. Recall the time you freespooled your line into a bird’s nest? Yeah, me again. Your buddies and I had a good laugh at that one. (Taught you to quit loading the rod, didn’t I?)

Just wanted to say thanks for all the snacks. But I’m getting hungry again. You wanna get back out here and feed me? I know your slow boat by now. If it had any more drag, it’d wear a dress.

If you didn’t get scooped every year, I might be more inclined to latch. But by the time you make it to our spot, everyone’s combat fishing. Boats on top of boats. I’ve got so many hooks to choose from that it’s not even fair to you. So let’s put the sport back into it. I’m gonna throw you a little tip, which is more than you’ve ever thrown me.

Tired of presiding as chief skillet greaser? Then try a 2018 Legend X20. This weaponized 20-footer hauls ass. Powered by 150 horses stuffed in a Merc. A Mercury 4-stroke gives you smoother gear shifting and no vibration at low revs, which stops your windows from rattling. It keeps you on the water longer, because it only needs servicing every three years, unlike your buddy’s Yamaha. (If it ain’t beached on the bar, it’s beached in the shop.)

With near silent low revs you can troll open water without scaring me off. Save on gas money and buy me some better bait.(Little to the left and you’ve almost got me.)

Seats four on the floor plus a rear flip-up bench with cup holder. (Quit a step up from those lawn chairs you’ve been angling from.)

This big water boat is reserved for serious fishermen only (so I’ll understand if you pass. Maybe invest in some training wheels first.) Built to ride high and dry for safe travels and tight lines.

With a deep V aluminum hull that slices chop like a hot knife through butter, it might just get you the hole shot this year.

You obviously suck at fishing, but this boat will help you suck less. If your buddies see you in this, they might stop giggling when they call you Captain. Legend employs welded stringers and hull for increased stability and durability, so you can mob the waves on your way out to visit me.

This boat’s only had one owner. He hooked so many trophies with it, he ran out of wall space.

He’s now comfortably retired. At a replacement cost north of $85k, this torch is ready to be passed on for only $58,298. All you gotta do is come hitch ‘er up (ain’t that right Rick?)

So what’ll it be Scooter? Ready to spar? ‘Cause I miss your pretty face. Let’s see if you can sneak up on me this time. I’ll be waiting. Kisses.

NOTE: Boat as Shown. Selling Price is $56,997 & Includes the Small Stuff. Tax extra. Bi-weekly payment is based on 7.99% (OAC) with $2500 down and includes tax. Down Payment & Interest Rate may vary based on personal credit history. Payment shown is based on a 60-month term, 180-month amortization at 7.99% Apr. Total cost of borrowing over the term is $20,201.00 - But don’t let that Scare You - most No Bull clients pay off their RVs early which results in further savings on interest as all loans are open ended with no fees or penalties for early payout – Ask us for details.

Fully Bonded & AMVIC Licensed




This 2018 Legend X20 boat only had one owner. He hooked so many trophies with it, he ran out of wall space.

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